cropped-Header-Street.jpgInfo about us …

We are an established church, well embedded in our community in Kitchener, Ontario. Our congregation is mostly made up of believers who aren’t new to their faith – not that we have it all together but you’ll find we’re resistant to inauthenticity and shallow one-dimensional theology. Our roots are evangelical and “traditional”, meaning that we see ourselves as orthodox in terms of classic Christian doctrines. Unlike many monocultural church communities, we are unusually diverse in terms of individual belief and expression of faith. We deliberately choose to accept and make space for each other’s differences, focusing on a common love for Jesus. Our Senior Pastor has done a fantastic job of modeling love and acceptance over hot-button issues and making that attitude contagious among us. This is one of our great strengths.
You could characterize us as potluck instead of catered, more spontaneous than programmed, an extended family gathering rather than a slick, perfectly-timed production. We have many families with multiple generations attending together(grandparents, parents and children). We are actively involved in ministry and in our community. Our next challenge is working out how we can continue to grow well as we fulfill our mission: loving God, encouraging each other and serving the world.