Our Beliefs

At Stanley Park Community Church our style is contemporary, but our message could be described as Classic Christianity.

The Bible

Comes from God
Is our guide for what to believe and how to live
Announces the only way for people to fully experience a relationship with God


Is Alive and Real
Created the World
Loves us deeply and wants to have a personal relationship with each of us

Jesus Christ

Was both fully God and fully human
Died and rose again from the dead
Will someday return to earth and Christians will be with him eternally

The Holy Spirit

Guides and comforts true Christians
Equips God’s people with the gifts they need to serve Him and others


All people are separated from God because of sin
All people are invited into relationship with God through Jesus Christ
A personal commitment to Jesus Christ is essential for salvation


For more information, see the complete United
Brethren Confession of Faith