Getting Here with Summer Construction!

Ottawa Street is under construction so please prepare for delays getting here. It is open and you can still get here but if you are like some of us and want to avoid the construction zone below are two alternate routes

1. Take Weber St to Ross Ave left on to Franklin St and left onto Dreger Av we are around the bend on Dreger Av on the left just before the street ends.
2. From River Rd you can reach us by going down Bradley Dr turning right on to Franklin St then left on to Dreger Av we are around the bend on the left just before the street ends.

Potato Blitz Saturday

Our Team Captain Lynda pictured here with “Spuddy” and two of our volunteers at the last shift of the day.

Saturday February 4, 2017

Even though we knew it would make our Saturday a very busy day, my sister and I signed up to volunteer for an hour at Hiway Zehrs for The House of Friendship Potato Blitz. My husband hearing our last-minute scramble at the door, jumped on the bandwagon and decided he would bring our two youngest sons along.

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