For Our Good

Sunday, Feb 12

Here is something that just about everyone has noticed. Sometimes some of the hardest experiences we go through, in retrospect, end up being some of the best for us. We look at a passage this week that reflects on that idea.

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At the Back Door
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Quote from John Ortberg

Here is the quote from John Ortberg I used at the beginning of the sermon:

I once was part of a survey on spiritual formation. Thousands of people were asked when they grew most spiritually, and what contributed to their growth. The response was humbling—at least for someone who works at a church.

The number one contributor to spiritual growth was not transformational teaching. It was not being in a small group. It was not reading deep books. It was not energetic worship experiences. It was not finding meaningful ways to serve.

It was suffering.

People said they grew more during seasons of loss, pain, and crisis than they did at any other time. I immediately realized that, as a church, we had not even put anybody in charge of pain distribution! So now we are figuring out how to create more pain per attender for maximum spiritual growth.

John Ortberg. Don’t Waste a Crisis. Link