God’s Good Gift

fingerofgodSunday, October 9 – Thanksgiving

We are looking at this big idea for the next while: People are created in the Image of God. So what does it mean that we are created? On this Thanksgiving Sunday here is an idea to start with. We can look at our lives and the world around us as a gift from God.

Seeing life and the world this way is good for our soul!

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God’s Good Gift

Sunday, October 9, 2016                                Gen 1:26-31


Creation – See the World and Life as a Gift from God

Gen 1:26-31; Psalm 115:16

Then and Now

Reading the “Feel” of a passage                         Psalm 65

Then and Now

Ancient and Modern

Country and City


Increased info can become increase awe

In the end, we didn’t make any of it

Creation Does NOT Mean …

Creation Does Mean

Everything was made by God

Everything is a gift

It Does NOT Mean

Everything is the way it should be

Everything is the way God intended it to be

We Need This!

Where and When we Live

Relentlessly trained to be dissatisfied

View world as “resources”

View our things and our lives as our own

One Antidote

Viewing the World and Life as Gifts

Gifts from God

Gratitude, Awe, Humility, Trust