Intentional Prayer

Sunday, Oct 13 2019

Psalm 46

Small Group Guide Week 2 – Intentional Prayer 

Kick off your time together

Go around the circle, share your name, and a highlight and lowlight from your week. 

Open in Prayer

Have one or two open in prayer asking God to be present and to direct your time. 

Discuss a few of these questions

What role has prayer played in your life? 

Have you seen your prayers answered? Would you be willing to share an answered prayer with the group? 

When, or if, you pray do you have a particular way of praying? Time, Location, Prayer guide? Describe what you do and how that affects you? 

Is there an approach to prayer you have not tried, but think could be valuable to your spiritual growth? 

Pray for Each Other

In light of all that has been shared, pray for each other. 

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