It’s Great to be Human!

fingerofgodSunday, October 16

“We were made for more than this”. This statement just “feels” true. But what were we made for? The phrase “the image of God” found in the Bible is about that exact question.

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It’s Great to be Human
Sunday, October 16, 2016                                               Gen 1:24-31

People are Created in the Image of God
Day 6 – Of highly structured passage
Pattern – God Said – It was so – It was good
Culmination – People the Culmination of the Pattern
Meaning – Directly about “The Meaning of Life”

Purpose – World and People
Quote – IVP Bible Background Commentary
World – For gods vs For people
People – Serve the gods vs Centrepiece

Image of God
Quote – IVP Bible Background Commentary
Image – Carry the Essence of that which it represented
Put in Charge – Governing work of God done by people
Represent God – To be and act like him

Responsible Partner
Manage, Steward, Cultivate, Care For
Responsible Partner
God’s Representative in World

Deep Human Dignity
Our Deep Drives Reflect This
Produce, Make, Create, Beauty, Art, Manage, Protect, Improve, Discover, Plan




Commentary Quotes

Here are two quotes from my favourite Bible Commentary that were used in this teaching.

Matthews, V. H., Chavalas, M. W., & Walton, J. H. (2000). The IVP Bible background commentary: Old Testament (electronic ed., Ge 1:31). Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.

1:26–31. function of people. While the organizational or functional focus of the account may have similarities with the ancient Near Eastern perspective, the reason for it all is quite different. In the ancient Near East, the gods created for themselves—the world was their environment for their enjoyment and existence. People were created only as an afterthought, when the gods needed slave labor to help provide the conveniences of life (such as irrigation trenches). In the Bible the cosmos was created and organized to function on behalf of the people that God planned as the centerpiece of his creation.

1:26–27. image of God. When God created people, he put them in charge of all of his creation. He endowed them with his own image. In the ancient world an image was believed to carry the essence of that which it represented. An idol image of deity, the same terminology as used here, would be used in the worship of that deity because it contained the deity’s essence. This would not suggest that the image could do what the deity could do, nor that it looked the same as the deity. Rather, the deity’s work was thought to be accomplished through the idol. In similar ways the governing work of God was seen to be accomplished by people. But that is not all there is to the image of God. Genesis 5:1–3 likens the image of God in Adam to the image of Adam in Seth. …. What draws the idol imagery and the child imagery together is the concept that the image provides the capacity not only to serve in the place of God (his representative containing his essence) but also to be and act like him. The tools he provided so that we may accomplish that task include conscience, self-awareness and spiritual discernment.