Sunday  November 15, 2020

Live Stream Service Time 10am on Facebook Live

Children’s Offering (for John & Given in Zambia) To continue support for our Seeds of Hope kids please give online through Canada Helps, by e-transfer giving@stanleyparkchurch.ca or via a monthly preauthorized deposit (contact Dennis Long q8enigmas_hawk@yahoo.ca to set this up)

Prayer for our Children Bless these children, protect them from danger, form their character, teach them your ways, may they truly know you.

Series – The One Another’s

Sermon Title – Bear with One Another

Passage – Galatians 6:2

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Mission of the Month – Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry

Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry exists to equip children and those in need to love and serve Jesus Christ while becoming healthy, educated, responsible members of society.

Two cool facts about Seeds of Hope CM

  1. 100% of their support comes from donations, no government support.
  2. 93% of all giving goes directly to the care of the children in their homes.

Wednesday Morning Prayer 7am join us on Zoom for a time of prayer follow the link for prayer requests and praise reports for the Zoom link in.

Please share Prayer Requests and Praise Reports here.

Pray for

  • Continue to pray for the transition – Brad as the Lead Pastor, John preparing for retirement.
  • Our municipal, regional, provincial, and federal governments that they would work together to effect positive governance as we all deal with the Pandemic.
  • For neighbours, friends, coworkers, and each other as we all deal with the daily issues of the pandemic.

A note from the Worship Team

Hello church family! Are you passionate about worship?  Do you recognize the importance of every church member using their unique gifts? If your answers are “yes”, joining a worship team may be for you! You also might think of someone else who would answer yes to these questions and if so, please let them know about this opportunity!   We are thankful that during this time we have been able to expand our view of what worship is and focus on other forms of worship. If you would like to use your skills and abilities to contribute to our Sunday morning service, then we would love to have you join.  Time commitment: every third Sunday. Please contact Abby Cotie if you are interested or want more details. 905-806-6732 or abby_peck@hotmail.com 

Nominees for Board

It is that time of year when we start looking for nominees for the Board election that will take place in early January. If you know anyone that you think would be good on the Board please contact one of our nominating committee – Ian ShawMelanie Martin, or Rachel K.

If you would like further information regarding the role of the Board please email ksonoda@stanleyparkchurch.ca

An Update on Opening the Church Building

The short version: The building is now available for “community group” gatherings. We will revisit the possibility of in person Sunday Service gatherings early in 2021.

The long version:

“Community Group” Gatherings
The building is available for our small “Community Groups” to gather. Since our sanctuary has been converted to multi-use space, there is lots of room for a small group of people to meet safely. The space must be booked by the group leader, so we can ensure that the number of people in the building meets current regulations. We will be opening the sanctuary and the washrooms on the upper level for use. The rest of the building will remain closed for the time being. The Community Group Leaders will be given full information on local and provincial guidelines. We believe this will be a helpful and safe way to use our building as a blessing in this season.

No In Person Sunday Service Gatherings Yet
Churches in Ontario have been permitted to gather for public worship services – with very stringent restrictions – since June. Our leadership team has considered whether we should resume in person Sunday Service gatherings several times since June, most recently just before the Thanksgiving weekend. In light of the climbing Covid-19 case counts, and the corresponding increase in restrictions in the province of Ontario, this does not seem to be a good time to have Sunday Service gatherings in the building. We will consider the question again early in 2021.


You can give online through Canada Helps, by e-transfer giving@stanleyparkchurch.ca or via a monthly preauthorized deposit (contact Dennis Long q8enigmas_hawk@yahoo.ca to set this up).

Thank you for your generosity in supporting Stanley Park Community Church. You are appreciated.