Sunday, June 21

Happy Father’s Day!

This week we look at a time when a very hard situation ultimately propelled the early Church movement forward. The people were scattered and took the message with them wherever they went.

Order of Service – Sunday, June 21

1. The Digital Service
Click here for our service  10:00-10:30
As you arrive,  feel free to use our chat bar and say hi to everyone
2. The Sermon will be starting live at 10:30 Found on our FB page

If you miss the message it will be on our website and our Spotify account later today

Sermon: Scatter
Passage: Acts 8

3. Encourage one another
Whether we gather at the building or online we are the church, let’s finish this service

 with the coffee hour!

Please think of 3 people from our church, and send them a text, an email, or a phone
call. We are a community and when we all are being pushed towards more and more isolation acts of love and care for each other becomes more and more beautiful!
– if you don’t know what to say, maybe start out with “Happy Coffee hour!”
4. Bonus Kids video
In times like these Kids need a little extra love, as children get that life is changing
and the adults are fearful and confused, being with them and helping them grow is a
great way to help kid over this season

Here is a little bible lesson video, feel free to curl up with the kids watch it with them. And chat with them about Jesus, and how little can be lots with God!

Acts Lesson 2