Steps Going Forward

Hello Every one,
Over the past few weeks the Board, Area Leaders and Staff, have been praying and planning how we as Stanley Park Community church can adapt and move forward on our mission as a church.

Here is our plan, 

Short video- (4min)

Longer video- (21 min)

Now What?

We have decided to wait until September before having in-person Sunday morning gatherings. Summer is generally a quieter time of year for our church family anyways, and many of us are weary from the changes and challenges of these last few months. We are looking at the remaining summer months as a season of rest, and as a chance to take a few steps toward what we see coming next.

It has become obvious that in-person larger meetings will not be “like they used to be” for quite some time. We can lament that fact (I sure don’t like it!). But we feel a more important question is: What can we do now? There are certainly lots of limitations these days. But are there also some opportunities?

A Community of Communities

Our Church leaders met and prayed and discussed at length, and we want to share some next steps that we see – what we can do right now and just a little bit further down the road. The big idea is captured in the phrase: “Becoming a Community of Communities”. Stanley Park Church as a whole is a community. But there are so many of the ways that we actually connect with each other that can’t work quite like they used to. But we can connect with others in more decentralized, smaller settings. We can especially focus on these smaller communities that form the whole community now.

So how do we get started?

Here is a way to get started right now on “becoming a community of communities”. Each person can find a few more ways to connect with others. This can be our summer focus. There are so many possibilities.

Phone, text, email, video chat
Porch visits
Backyard (but safely distanced) gatherings
Backyard Church (watching the online service with a few others)
Take a distanced walk
“Bring your own lunch” picnic

Hybrid On-line and In-Person Gatherings

Looking down the road a little bit further, hopefully starting in September, we see a number of ways to continue building toward a Community of Communities.

For some people our on-line Sunday gatherings, meetings and groups have worked very well. For a few they are even an improvement! As we move forward from here we plan to keep and expand our online church experience for smaller and larger gatherings.

But online does not work for everyone. And even people who like the online experience also need face to face connections with others. As we move forward we want to find more ways – mostly in decentralized, smaller settings – to connect more directly with each other, and with others around us. We hope to add some structure to these smaller communities that make up our Community.

There are many ways that our Community of Communities can use our church building, especially once the summer weather ends. We will start opportunities to meet in-person as part of our Sunday Service. These Sunday services will look different than they did in the past, at least for a while. But there will be a chance to join in the live stream event at the building. And there are lots of ways that the building can be used by the smaller communities that form the larger community.

Every Day – Everywhere Church

Everyone would agree (in theory at least!) that Church is not a meeting on Sunday. Church is an every day, everywhere connection to God and other people. We think this “Community of Communities” idea will help put feet on that idea. These smaller, decentralized communities will provide ways for people to connect, support and know each other all through the week. Starting to build toward that kind of community is something we can start right now. And something we can build toward no matter what may come in the months and years ahead.

We are exctied to see how God works in our community and through our community in the days to come.