Bible Listening


Bible Listening Groups are an opportunity for a small group of people to interact with the Bible in a guided and focussed way. The aim is to hear God through the Bible. It is more like a corporate devotional or meditation time than a group study experience.

Bible Listening Information

Here is some basic information about how Bible Listening Groups work, including a sample outline of a Bible Listening meeting, and an editable document that can be used to create your own Bible Listening schedule. The first link below is a handout we have used to promote Bible Listening Groups. It would be the best place to start if you want to find out about them.

Bible Listening Information
Editable Bible Listening Handout

Bible Listening Handouts

Here are some of the Bible Listening schedules that we have created and used over the years. Each one has 6-10 weeks of Bible passages to be used as the group meets week by week. They are formatted to be printed as a half-page two sided handout that slips easily into a Bible or a notebook.

10 Commandments
Advent 2009
Adventures in Acts
All People
Apostles Greatest Hits
Easter and Pentecost
Echoes of Creation
Gifts in the Body
Jesus on Prayer
John 13-17
Listen to the Word
The Story of Joseph